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Wordfind anyone?


The FIRST three words in the cross word are what describe you. Whatever your eyes land on first, oh the possibilities.

Mine were LOVELY, BEAUTIFUL, and BROKEN. ….I’m scratching the later ­čśë

For a while when we first moved up to Columbia, Eric and had to find activities that were on the cheap while we were still looking for jobs, and with gas prices even taking trips were out of the question for the moment! Hard life right?

Think back to your 5-year old days. If you didn’t have a Sega or Nintendo (I was a HUGE fan of Mario) then board games were where it’s at. And lets not forget the Lego’s! Yes, it all started when Eric and I were traveling through Walmart looking by the gardening section, and came across a clearance rack of toys. Clearance $2 Harry Potter Lego set? Done. Instead of World of Warcraft, have you ever played Heroica? It’s pretty fun, as you have to actually build the game set before you can even play. Lego fun times two!

Eric and I are more of the video-game players. Addiction is the hallmark to any fellow video gamers story. Prior to moving, we had quite a few. And why not mix one addiction with another, say wine and Final Fantasy XIII? So moving here we wanted to change it up a bit. And with my recent illness slowly progressing, I can’t look at a television for more than an hour or two before I start to get entirely nauseous and a good headache, so back to the old days it was!

Trouble, Star Wars edition. The Pop! in the middle makes a R2D2 sound every time you press it. The little runt runt, Riku goes NUTS over this. It almost makes the game even more enjoyable with him being so interested in it. Clue is also another good one, did you know they make a Harry Potter Clue? It’s pretty wicked! I just got Eric into Harry Potter after I suggested a Harry Potter A-Thon, over a good two weeks of time that is. He never saw past the third one!Blasphemy┬á :O! I dare say that I made him into quite the HP junkie.

Another activity most our age don’t do anymore? Puzzling! I honestly haven’t puzzled since I was, oh, maybe ten. I think you tend to remember the nightmare of the 300 pieces never quite fitting together than the fun times it brought during and after completion. One word of advice, do NOT buy a lenticular puzzle. Even puzzles have been brought into the 21st century now. But is 3D truly necessary for a puzzle?

Lenticular is a word that describes the shape of a double-convex lens. A lenticular puzzle is a puzzle that takes advantage of this type of lens to create an illusion. The illusion works by showing you a different image depending on the angle at which you view the image on the puzzle. The image may show depth, or a completely different image as you change your viewing angle. If you want to try one, I seriously suggest starting out with one of the little 25 Disney Lenticular puzzles. It’s more challenging than it looks, and you’ll find yourself looking for a puzzle piece with your head constantly cocked to one side, since you could be looking for the piece to fit in either one of two actual scenes, depending on the angle. The first one we bought was a 1,000 piece Thomas Kinkade Cottage Scene lenticular puzzle. Curse the day we bought it! We got half way in and decided to burn it!…or trash it. For a puzzle to be lenticular the pieces have to be thicker to have the 3D material on them. The thicker pieces don’t quite fit together easily, you literally must snap them together, and most of the time that doesn’t go smoothly either. We’ve learned that with any puzzle over 50 pieces, you should stick with the old school versions.

Another timeless game is Chess. Although I myself get the mental image of A.) A wealthy individual playing a game in their study with their monocle, or B.)Elderly playing chess in the park on Tuesday mornings, I’ve found that there are ways to adapt the game to the college lifestyle. Yes, you CAN make it into a drinking game! Every time a piece of yours goes down, down that shot! To make it easier, you can actually buy a chess set made fir for a drinking game, with different shot glasses for the kind of pieces. Fun nights ahead yes? It’d make a great gift, I reckon that’s a way to anyone’s heart who enjoys chess (or liver, at least)?

My two-sense for the day!Go and grab a game, one that isn’t of the virtual sort, and get playing! It’s quite fun being able to transport yourself into a time when things were relatively worry-free and your most present thought was if the player next to you was cheating and stealing your pieces.

I’ll end this post with a little game that has been treasured in my family for quite some time…



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