Anna and Eric’s ‘Fluff Factory’

Hello all! …or shall we say “HOWDY Y’ALL!” If you haven’t ever been, Columbia is South Carolina’s capital, not the prettiest city in the world but certainly due it’s unique southern charm encompassed in a patchwork urban setting. Moving to Columbia took a grandiose total of five hours from the swamp land of Gainesville, FL, but has taken over two weeks to adjust to and, more so, appreciate, the urban atmosphere. Not knowing what you’re fully getting yourself can surely bring up surprising events…but first let me introduce ourselves.

My name is Anna, I’m 21 years old and a recent University of Florida Graduate and a newly admitted MSW student at the University of South Carolina. I endeavor to become a social worker at the end of the two years with my ‘Northern Accent’ intact, “ya hear?”

My boyfriend’s name is Eric. He’s rather older than me at 28, and decidedly better at cooking than I, something that I’m quite fond of. He can turn lentils and rice into a mash-up to rave of. Something I’m not as fond of, is the way we met back in Gainesville. See, there’s this small restaurant housing an even larger man and a small crew where I made my undergraduate living at for some time, as well as he as the Manager of this fine little establishment. And blah blah blah, things happen, video games are played, and here we are.

Now, fluffballs, ah yes.

As time dwindled down to my time to move Down South, or rather, north, somehow a puppy came into be.  Rather or not this conversation came to be by a short blonde haired man with glasses who soon enough adopted a puppy himself, I do not know for certain.

Now, I already housed, in my 500 rinky dink square foot, yet entirely comfortable and marvelously close to UF campus apartment, two felines. One male, one female, both fluff. Kita, my little dwarf sized Prima Donna, I had since my sophomore year in college, during a time when I needed a cat more than the man I was with. Kenji, I adopted during my senior year of college, back when I thought maybe all I just needed was two cats to deal with the man I was with.  Kenji is what you may call “special.” No, I’m not being mean, he’s a little on the “A DIRP?” as Eric would put it. We’re actually quite proud of him as he’s recently learned to play fetch! Impressive, no?

Luna, the moon. A dog is a wolf, but a wolf is not a dog. Look up hybrid’s and you come up with stories that parallel nightmares in the gravest. Hide your children and wallets, it’s…DUN DUN DUN….Wolfdog! Now, to clear things, we did not set out to own a wolfdog. We were trying to adopt a little Husky mix called Snow, but due to our apartment living, were not chosen as fit. Looking at an ad in a local newspaper, I found an ad for Wolfdogs and curiosity struck. Telling myself that we wouldn’t get one, we…well you know the end to that. The 20 lb 12 week old fluffer was ours the moment the breeder took her out of the crate and plopped her on my lap.

Ever follow the yellow brick road? Luna’s Petsmart obedience training were disguised as yellow bricks, on the way to Riku, a 6 week old German Shepherd/ Beligian Malinois mix adopted from Luna’s trainer.  We adopted Riku two days prior to the big move. Strategic? Possibly. He’s truly a scrappy dappy doooo!! As Luna is more than three times his size, he certainly can hold his own, and they play, or rather mess with one another, 98.99% of the time.

May the fur fluff floof force be with you.


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