First time for everything they say.

Visiting Columbia for the first time, Eric and I decide to do some snooping. With our little miss Scooby Doo in hand, we embarked on our own Mystery of the Forgotten Lake. Not as forgotten as thought but certainly barely populated with people and pretty darn hard to find.

Lake Murray, the most serene lake that you can sort-off (key words) swim in. We had visited Sequicentennial State Park, located only 25 minutes away from us, prior to going to the Lake since the state park offered a lake as well, but went only to find out that out bathingsuits would not be used that day, as swimming in the lake was not allowed. Lake Monster? We’ll never know. After learning that swimming was prohibited, we decided to look elsewhere and with a quick swish of the mouse and google’s help we found Lake Murray, swimming and dogs both allowed and only a 35 minute drive away. Sounded like a plan!

If you’ve never been, the lake itself is settled in a very high-pigment red clay. That said, don’t wear your best swimsuit as it is likely to turn red! Eric’s swim trunks were gonners from the first dip.. Unexpectedly, I found out that it was literally Eric’s first time in a lake.  Not too many lakes to be found in South Florida I’ve been told, but then again with the beaches is there a need? Making the best with what we have, and not wanting to drive an hour to the coast of S. Carolina, we made due, and found a little piece of paradise in the middle of the state.

There were two lake amateurs in my car that day, as it was Luna’s first time ever in a lake. Now, with the breeder that had her before we adopted her, they would take all of the pups to the Indian Reservation close to Hawthorne, FL, so she may have experienced something there, but as she was so young this might as well have been her first! And boy was she not that excited about that less than clear water! She was thrilled!…to swim ashore that is. Maybe if there was only some salmon swimming about… To her defense we could not see below two feel deep once w were in the water as the red clay would ge turned up and pollute the water around us that was just a moment before clear

It ended up being quite the adventurous day! Eric and I were proud puppy parents , filming all of Luna’s first swim. When it came to snapping photos, we bought a one-use waterproof Kodak camera, more expensive but I highly advise it for any water fun that you wish to catch on film. Luna seemed to fit in perfectly with the scenery of the forest laden Lakeside, a wolf in her natural habitat! Luna is part wolf, as you may know prior to this blog, and the wolf in her is Red Wolf, which most of the population of actually reside in North and South Carolina! An island off of South Carolina was actually used as a captive-breeding plan when there numbers became extremely low, you can read more about it in HERE.

The amount of pines in the wooded area of the park (in other words, what wasn’t the actual Lake,) seemed to stretch on for miles. It reminded me of Twilight. Yes, twilight. No Vampires jumping from tree to three though I assure you. There were about four different trails throughout the park, and the three of us embarked on the longest trail that day, which took over an hour and a half! Luna seemed to like the land more than the sea, so much sniffing to do on those trails!

When it came to Luna and the water, one would think, “wolves, wolves like water…Luna will like water.” Oh no, not this lady. She loved to splish and splash in the water within a two-foot radius of the shoreline, but any farther and the only direction the wet-rat looking pup would swim in would be towards shore. Scaredy cat? Or wolf instinct I’m not picking up on? I’ll never know.

What I did find out that day was thought provoking in itself.  I never knew how much Luna actually cared to be around us, or simply cared for us in that matter. Hybrids by many people are said to be shy, unattached and more or less disinterested in their owners overall safety in comparison to that of a domestic dog.

Driving to the Lake, we got a little lost. The path to the location is pretty much off in a very country setting, with long roads and big houses. Money to live by the lake, that we surely picked up on! Once we found the park, there were no designated dog area signs, and as I do not want to get a ticket, I wanted to make sure they were allowed where we were going. As I saw a woman with two golden retrievers by the tack shop near the entrance, I quickly jumped out of the car to catch her before she walked away, all the while as Eric was slowing the car to a stop still. As I got out so that I may ask her what areas she takes her dogs in the park, and as we have the windows half down, if unknowingly half-haphazardly, Luna jumps right out of the car that is still in motion! Talk about Pupppppy Poweerrr! Have you ever seen those safety belts for dogs used in vehicles? We may need to invest. Did she jump because she saw the other dogs a bit away? Was she wanting to get out due to boredom? Or did she just want to jump ship to follow mom?

Like a new shell hitting the shore, the tide comes up, today as before.


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